Brand: Rotiform
Rotiform KPS Matte Black | Offered by CedarPerformance

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Rotiform KPS - Matte Black

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Rotiform | KPS

Rotiform cast wheels provide distinct Rotiform style at very reasonable prices for Domestic, European, and JDM makes. Rotiform cast wheels are available in multiple diameters, widths, offsets, and finishes. Each design is engineered for strength and weight savings.

Sizes  18x8.5 | 18x9.5 | 19x8.5 | 19x10 | 20x8.5 | 20x9.5 | 20x10 | 20x11
Bolt Patterns  5x100 | 5x112 | 5x114.3 | 5x120
Finishes  Black Matte, Brushed with Silver Lip
Note:  Available sizes/specs varies by wheel Finish (see table below).

Custom Finishes and Bolt Patterns Available! Contact Cedar Performance for details and pricing.

Rotiform | KPS - Sizes and Specs
Size BP Offset Finish Part No.
18x8.5 5x112 35 BSH Slv Lip R138188543+35
18x8.5 5x112 45 BSH Slv Lip R138188543+45
19x8.5 5x112 45 BSH Slv Lip R138198543+45
20x8.5 5x112 45 BSH Slv Lip R138208543+45
18x8.5 5x112 35 Matte Black R139188543+35
18x8.5 5x112 45 Matte Black R139188543+45
18x8.5 5x100 35 Matte Black R139188579+35
18x9.5 5x112 35 Matte Black R139189543+35
18x9.5 5x4.5 25 Matte Black R139189565+25
18x9.5 5x4.5 35 Matte Black R139189565+35
18x9.5 5x100 35 Matte Black R139189579+35
19x10 5x120 40 Matte Black R139190021+40
19x10 5x112 35 Matte Black R139190043+35
19x10 5x4.5 40 Matte Black R139190065+40
19x8.5 5x120 35 Matte Black R139198521+35
19x8.5 5x112 35 Matte Black R139198543+35
19x8.5 5x112 45 Matte Black R139198543+45
19x8.5 5x4.5 35 Matte Black R139198565+35
20x10 5x120 40 Matte Black R139200021+40
20x10 5x112 35 Matte Black R139200043+35
20x10 5x4.5 35 Matte Black R139200065+35
20x11 5x120 35 Matte Black R139201121+35
20x11 5x4.5 20 Matte Black R139201168+20
20x8.5 5x120 35 Matte Black R139208521+35
20x8.5 5x112 45 Matte Black R139208543+45
20x8.5 5x4.5 35 Matte Black R139208565+35
20x9.5 5x120 22 Matte Black R139209521+22
20x9.5 5x120 40 Matte Black R139209521+40
20x9.5 5x4.5 35 Matte Black R139209565+35
20x9.5 5x4.5 30 Matte Black R139209568+30