Brand: Radi8 Forged Wheels
radi8 r8c5 Forged 3-Piece Wheel | Offer by CedarPerformance

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radi8 r8c5 forged

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radi8 | r8c5 - Custom 3-Piece Forged Wheel

Diameters  17" to 22"
Widths  7" to 15"*
Bolt Patterns  Practically any 4/5/6-Lug Car Bolt Pattern
Offsets  ET-40 to ET45, Customer specified in 1mm increments
Profile Options (by wheel diameter)

  • 17" - Standard
  • 18" - Standard or Concave
  • 19" - 22in Standard, Concave, or Deep Concave

Lip Styles

  • Rolled Flange Reverse Lip
  • Rolled Flange Step Lip
  • Straight Step Lip

Assembly  Center or Front Load

  • Single Tone - Gloss or Matte
  • Two Tone
  • Brushed
  • Highly Polished
  • Specialty powders - Clear, DDT, Transparent, Candies

* Contact Cedar Performance if you need wheel specs outside the listed range