Cedar Performance | Forged for Enthusiasts

Welcome to Cedar Performance! Our goal is to help you turn your car into exactly the car you have always wanted. We are car and truck enthusiasts that have a wide range of knowledge with varying tastes in cars and performance, and we want to share our expertise and help you build your car, whatever that means to you.

Cedar Performance was founded on the hopes of bringing back the “Speed Shop” feel of the early days of modding cars. A place where you could go and talk to someone who knows not just the part numbers, but the parts themselves. We’re a place where you can get a recommendation for the best modification for your specific platform, and a mod that meets your specific driving needs. With today’s online stores you don't get that.

We have created a place with a personal, friendly atmosphere where you can talk shop and even learn a bit along the way. Our goal is to combine the online shopping experience with the sense of community from the days of hotrods and cruise-ins. Of course, today, we’re dealing with modern cars from manufacturers all over the world.

Call us and let us know what you’re wanting to do. If you have technical questions or are just looking for advice, give us a call. We’re great on helping you determine wheel specs, suspension settings or just what works well together, and what doesn’t. It’s not just about the parts, it’s about helping you get your car where you want it to be!

Call us anytime, we mean it!   (615) 444-8484